Thursday, March 7, 2013

World Book Day was world book day again, and again the Andrew & Zoe got to go to school as their favourite book characters. Can you guess who they might's a clue a little Dutch girl and a skeleton detective?

Sarah was up at six this morning to make sure they had time to prepare for this...great effort love!

Andrew is participating in a cross-country run for Highland Primary Schools at Alness in the East tomorrow. Unfortunately, Sarah and I won't be there but I'm sure he'll do his best. He's been training on a 5km circuit and the race is only going to be 2km so everything will be fine, I think he'll find it easy. The we're all doing a 5km fun-run in Inverness on St Patrick's day Sunday 17th March, I'm looking forward to that. Sarah and Zoe will run together and Andrew and I will run together. Let's hope the weather's kind to us. I remember standing in the sports hall waiting to be called to the start line in 2009 and seeing snow blowing horizontally outside the doors...Brrrr!

Their characters are Janneke (Jip and Janneke - Fiep Westendorp)and Skulduggery Pleasant (Derek landy) didn't think you'd guess :-)

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