Monday, September 7, 2015

Skating and Horses

No pictures from today I'm afraid, but Andrew, Zoe and I were all skating at Inverness Skate Park today, then they went off riding horses on the Black Isle before fish & chips and a late journey home.

Pictures from our last skating session

Sunday, September 6, 2015

A few weeks later

We've been doing a wee bit of climbing and paddling in between the 'horrible weather we've been having as an excuse for a summer! At least kayaking only improves with a drop of water in the rivers.
Andrew has taken to unwinding from a week at school with a paddle in the river, and how he has progressed; crikey, if I had been as quick a learner as he is I would have reached Level 4 Coach status much quicker.
Learning by doing is the best method, second to none, and both Andrew and Zoe have shown a confidence and positive mental approach that gets them on the water and in the flow without any need for encouragement or cajoling. It won't be long before we're progressing through the grades;  the lower temperatures and lack of proper watertight clothing might become a problem before long. It certainly won't be long before a dry-cag and a neoprene spraydeck are needed.

Climbing in the Bealach, Andrew above and Sarah to the left. Just some clean, easy grade, enjoyable climbing when the weather permits.

Andrew seems to be keener, but that may be because we only have two kayaks and when the flow increases, there's no way they can both be on the water without me. So, given the river levels and the limited opportunities, it has mostly be Andrew and me that have been on the water.

Zoe and Andrew using hand-paddles (left).

Andrew practicing ferry glides on the river close to our house.

Bottom picture is on the sea, where a few wee waves provided a bit of sport.