Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Andrew's Birthday

It's that time of year again, Andrew will soon be 11 years old and I know some of the family have been wondering what to get him by way of a present.
Well, he's asked me to publish his wish list in the hope that this is helpful in making a decision:

  1. Angry Birds Star Wars: AT-AT 
  2. Angry Birds star Wars: jenga death star game
  3. Angry Birds star Wars: early bird pack
  4. Angry Birds hammin' around
  5. Angry Birds mashems bonus pack
  6. mega blocks halo mantis
  7. mega blocks halo combat
  8. mega blocks halo warthog
  9. mega blocks halo orbital banshee bliz
  10. Lego Monster Fighters
  11. Lego Alien Conquest
  12. Mouse trap board game
  13. spy net laser tripwire
  14. Nintendo 3DS: Super Mario Bros 2
  15. Nintendo 3DS: Mario Land 3D
  16. Bejeweled gem quest board game
  17. Tech Deck triple street set
Andrew has promised not to look at this blog until after his birthday; so, to avoid duplication you could comment on this post with what, if any, you have chosen to buy.

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