Saturday, March 9, 2013

Applecross Primary Sponsored Pier Jump

L to R: Daniel Walker, Alasdair Groocock, Andrew Robins, Mrs Gillies (Head teacher) Millie Holmes, Rowan Fairweather-Graham, Zoe Robins, Katrina Gillies

Today, despite bitterly cold Nor'Easterly winds and wintry sea temperatures the children of Applecross Primary School completed their chosen challenge. Namely, to jump from the pier at Toscaig, Applecross, UK. The venture Trust supported their challenge by providing the safety cover and equipment with the kind co-operation of Paul Burden at Highland Youth Service.

Getting Ready...
 The first in the water was the Headteacher (Mrs Gillies) demonstrating proper technique, she was quickly followed by Andrew Robins (pictured here).

The challenge begins with £20 from the Blythswood Trust and the challenge is to see which school (for there are many schools involved in this challenge) can raise the most money from that initial sum. Last year the school were finalists and the older ones attended a ceremony in Perth where they received a trophy for 'most entertaining presentation'. This year they did this jump as a sponsored event and will use the proceeds to stage a Ceilidh and Sale of Goods at the Village Hall on Friday 15th March. Ultimately, all proceeds will go to the Blytheswood Trust and then to Water in India.

In flight...
Splash Down...

For the less confident there was the option of making the still challenging plunge into the cold, grey waters but from a lower stance.

Zoe looks on as Katrina takes the plunge

I think they all deserve a big WELL DONE for their efforts and we're looking forward to the Applecross Ceilidh.

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