Monday, March 18, 2013

5k Success

 Over a thousand runners for the 5k alone and then there was the half marathon and 5k team attack events as well!

 In the middle of everyone was a small group of Robins :-)

 After all it was called a 'Fun Run' so we thought a little face paint might be appropriate.

 A very pleased Andrew with his finishers medal - time 26: 21. Andrew & I had great fun weaving our way through the slower runners over the length of the course. I was the only one to run in sandals (that I could see). Andrew made such a big effort at the end, sprinting to the finish line, that he ended up in a heap on the floor, but he recovered quickly as you can see :-)
 Zoe & Mum sprinting for the finish: time about 36 mins

 Zoe managed to run the whole course. A considerable achievement.

Goody bags and congratulations from Minnie Mouse

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Angus said...

This is zoe speaking just to let you know
I loved doing that run