Monday, November 30, 2015

Over the Jumps

Having been pulled out of a ditch last night, after losing control of the car in a blizzard, we finally made it home. Exciting Sunday! Amazingly, the only damage was to the valance at the front...the recovery company (based in Northampton) said conditions were too bad for anyone to come out and recover our vehicle. Anyway, they wouldn't recover us (the family) just the car! The insurance company had employed an answering service (out of hours). This was kind of amusing as I tried kiwi fit and Aviva because I couldn't remember who I was with; neither of them had any problem and I spoke to a real person each time. I do not think I will be staying with Axa, it was a poor service.

Anyhow, a couple of guys who were at the Ledgowan Lodge Hotel very kindly got a tractor on the road and dragged the car back onto the road...a huge thank you to Jamie & Jamie from Achnasheen. Now looking at calling themselves Achnasheen Recovery services.

We also learnt that Audi towing eyes are not compatible with VW cars! The back end of our car was hanging over a six foot hole were a burn ran under the road through a culvert. Not handy when you have to empty the dog partition, all the shopping, the boot liner out to get to the towing eye, etc.

Another seven or eight feet further along the rod and the car would have been tipped, rear-end first into the icy water of the burn with the nose pointing skywards! Probably un-driveable afterwards too Very lucky indeed!

Here's a clip of Zoe and Andrew at their horse riding lesson. I've reduced quality to get it on here; apologies in advance.