Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hound and about

Well, it has been a while since posting here and lots of things have changed, too many to mention here; so, I'll just stick to current events.

It is now like we cannot imagine life without Tarquin. At nearly 11 months old he's become a large part of the family. He comes to work with me, and guards the van whilst I'm cleaning windows, grass cutting or chimney sweeping. I can run or cycle and he runs along. Although, he's always on the lookout for deer and hare whenever we're out on the hills.

After a hot day conducting chimney surveys over in the Black Isle and Ardersier we stopped by the Upper Blackwater to cool off. Tarquin's still a wee bit hesitant around water, but his confidence is developing every time we get the chance. Andrew and I went kayaking in the river the other day and Tarquin was swimming alongside a couple of times.

On a ride over to Sand and back we only spotted two stags; so, Tarquin decided to add a good 3/4 of  mile sprint across country. Just to go and see how fast they could run :-)

We are very fortunate to have a lovable and caring companion who does not seem to have a bad bone in his body; several obstinate ones, but then he is going through adolescence at the moment and everything should settle down in the next six months to a year.

He adores Andrew and Zoe and seems to love being a part of the family; hopefully, not just because we feed him ;-)



Angus said...

this is Zoe speaking.Thank you dad, I will be looking forward to more info on this blog ;-)

Angus said...

Zoe again. I was wonderind daddy about my email account. When it logs on to your account,I can't get on to my alias account. Do you know why?