Saturday, September 29, 2012

Back from Edinburgh

Well, Just got back from Edinburgh; in fact, it was 01:00 this morning when I walked through the door. A great week doing Certification in Reality Therapy, successfully.

I managed a couple of runs, one around Arthur's Seat in a howling gale and the other around a loop in the North of the city. The run around Arthur's seat was only about 4 miles and I used my Merrell Trail Gloves for that; I have been around that route in Xeros but found them a bit fiddly on the steep down hill section over rough ground. The run in the North was interesting as it goes up a hundred metres or so quite quickly, within the first mile or so and then there is no significant uphill at all for the remaining five to six miles; everything is flat or gently downhill :-) Perfect for the Xeros. The one thing that didn't work for me was the wet, every time I've used the Xeros to run five or more miles in the wet I've got a blister under the 2nd toe on the right foot. Definite slippage that doesn't happen in the dry!

Found a fantastic little smoothie bar near where we did the cert week. It's right at the end of Bruntsfield Terrace and it's called Juiced Up, run by a lovely woman who really knows her stuff. I got to try Spelt wheatgrass; which I think should be called s-wheatgrass - still tastes likes raw peas but much sweeter than plain ol' wheatgrass. That and adding tahini and apple juice to a breakfast smoothie - another new one for me.

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Other new things I've been trying are hemp milk and almond milk; great tasting alternatives to bovine baby food! Yep, I've been reading Scott Jurek's eat & Run, great book, well written full of great nuggets of advice and information. Now reading Running with The Kenyans, Ill let you know how I get on with that one soon.

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