Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some last!

Run Andrew, run
Well, its worked out pretty much just as forecast. Occluded fronts with tight-ish isobars have meant cloud at sea-level being blown in at around 15 knots. So it was on with the waterproofs and out with the kites.

Less pull up high!
What else were we going to do?
So, in the field just across from the house, with a good fetch right the way from the Isle of Skye Andrew, Zoë, Grandad and I went out to see whether the Flexifoil Buzz would drag Andrew across the field. Not quite, he ended up on his belly once but mostly got pulled across the field as in the top picture!

Perhaps we should try in a 20 knot wind next time or get a bigger kite! Zoë took a small pocket kite, but its not very good and she gave up fairly quickly and I feel she's still a bit small for the Buzz.

Rain for a couple of days and then back to dry weather for the rest of month...apparently.
It's on the ground again Dad!

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