Sunday, June 7, 2009

On Applecross beach

I've noticed that the sign at the head of the bay, which was removed by campers, has been replaced. It politely asks people not to camp on that stretch of beach and requests that they do not have fires. Apparently, all fires should be below the high water mark anyway; however, burning away the grass that consolidates the soil and provides the environment that brings them there in the first place would be counter-intuitive.

On my morning runs I have seen more and more people camping here and I am dread to think what their idea of suitable toilet facility is, perhaps some do travel to the public toilets in the village; however, I tend to think those folk are in the minority.

The other morning, whilst running across the grass I came across a used nappy, what a wonderful indicator of someone's thoughts on the area. Why come if that is what they think of the place? Or, perhaps more likely, these people just take rubbish and trash with them wherever they go...I shudder to think of what there houses/gardens are like.

I think it more suitable that people camp on the far-side of the bay; after all, that is not home to trees and soil, just sand with a thin grass carpet. Perhaps, by providing facilities (like those found at many tourist beaches) for visitors, i.e. bins, toilets, etc. the situation could be better managed.
The recent media coverage of Applecross has undoubtedly had an effect on the number of visitors and the general wear and tear that they bring with them. I think that people should come to Applecross, after all the number of pictures and comments about the place on the popular photo sharing pages,etc would suggest that it is generally enjoyed by many. I also think that camping is the appropriate places. If people cannot camp responsibly, without trace; then, why not stay on campsites with proper facilities where someone cleans up behind them?

Finally for anyone who has camped at Applecross bay, our primary school children help clean the beach of rubbish: how would you like your child to come across other peoples dirty nappies, etc? All I would ask is that people show respect for what is a beautiful spot and treat it accordingly.

These pictures were all taken after a quiet week-end. Granted the erosion is the reuslt of a couple of years of camping and fires, but all the bonfires pictured here were recent. Imagine what it'll be like during the summer holidays...disasterous (at least for those who are left to live here).

If you come to Applecross and want to camp, please do so consideratley and responsibly, not thoughtlessly.

Enough of my ranting, for now!

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