Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter visit to Applecross

During the Easter holiday Sarah's cousin and his family came to visit. It can be difficult having relatives over; however, this was more like having friends to visit. The video is an experimental version and in future I shold be able to embed some longer clips; however, for now...I hope you enjoy this one (spot the carrot).


Well the progress up the bealach has improved to a height of 380m (over halfway); however, running uphill for such long periods seems to be having a detrimental effect on my knees. So, I've reduced the number of weekly hill runs. In fact, I've reduced the number of runs as I'll be training for the Loch Ness Marathon from mid-June. So, for now, I'm just maintaining a base mileage of somewhere around 20 miles a week. Yesterday evening I ran 6 miles in 46 mins on top of wasn't the most comfortable run I've had...I'm so used to early morninig runs on an empty stomach that I hadn't reckoned on the food factor; still, lesson learnt :-)

Zoe has a cold: wheezy, coughing and sniffling and has been confined to barracks for two days now.

Andrew seems to be fine. Sarah is suffering from cabin fever (loking after Zoe) but got out of the house for an hour this morning to help with the Strupag (gaelic for tea and chat) at the local hall. Tables of home baked goodies, soup, pizza and soup all without charge (just a donation). Apparently, they raised £200 for the Applecross Playgroup. Good effort.

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