Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's been a while since the last post...mmmm looking below it's almost exactly two time flies.

So, what's happened since we returned from our peregrinations in France. Well, autumn has arrived in the highlands, Zoe has turned three years old and I've taken up running/ jogging. When does running become jogging? Or, for that matter where is the line between walking, jogging and running...I don't know but in the last month I've progressed from a mile-and-a-half to six-miles before work and managed to lose about ten kilos in the process. I do feel much better for it, I must admit.

It seems to have given me some energy to do other things, like going fishing in the evenings. I've taken to shallow lure fishing with plugs around the area where the waves crash into the rocks at the bottom of the coastal cliffs. Quite exhiliarating when there's a bit of a swell! Limited success so far, just a few samll Pollock to show for my trouble; however, I think it's great fun even when I don't catch anything.

Back to the running/ jogging thisg. I guess running nine/ ten-minute miles qualifies as running whereas running below twelve minute miles would probably qualify as walking/ jogging. I certainly managed to walk at 4.8 mph speed over five miles. I guess it's probably a personal thing, some may like to call it one thing and others another...?

Zoe had a lovely birthday, she spent the morning in Lochcarron playgroup. Sarah baked some cakes to take over for a small party and in the afternoon we had a birthday dinner with jely, ice-cream and cakes to finish. We all watched WALL-E before the kids went to bed.

As I said Autumn has arrived and the trees are turning, I'll post a few photos later.

That's all for now,


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