Saturday, August 15, 2015


New Kayak Day

Andrew & Zoe take to the water to test out the new kayak. Seems to pass the test for both of them.
Despite this being the first time Zoe has been in a boat and only Andrew's third time; I was amazed at their ability and skills acquisition. I even brought out the hand paddles to see how they got on with those and then brought the paddles back into play; worked a treat, they soon forget about paddling and concentrated on what they wanted the boat to do...naturals, both of them. Looking forward to many more paddling exploits in the not too distant future.

The only downside was the length of time taken to get the boat and paddle to Inverness. I then had to go and collect it myself. For some reason, best known to the guys who sold it to me, they changed their minds and didn't use a courier, but decided to wait a couple of weeks before bringing it North. They originally said they were coming to Inverness, but then delivered the boat to Stirling. It then took a further week to arrive. Many thanks to friends John & Chloe and John & Jackie  for all their help in getting the boat to us.

Anyway, enough of my mithering. Take a wee look at the pictures below to see them enjoying themselves on the water.

Ready to Go

Smooth skills

Say hello to Eddy for me

Now that's what I call a funny look!

Not sure what that face is for

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