Monday, June 4, 2012

Four months later...

Yes, it's been quite a wee while now. We've been having some lovely bright, dry weather; not hot, but dry and bright.

Zoë has lost teeth

 Andrew bit right through his tongue at Kyle play park. 

This is Andrew cleaning his tadpole tank before going to school.

They (the tadpoles) stopped eating when they started crawling out of the water, I suspect they wanted live food and the few worms we could find weren't the right sort, so they were released into a pond to further the future of frog kind.

So, we're all keeping well as you'd expect.
I've run over Ben a'Chlachain and Sarah ran 10 miles to Sand and back.

The children are back to school tomorrow, Highland Council don't seem to have the jubilee public holiday. Still, I've got a day off work which will give Sarah and I a rare day off together without the children...should be fun!

That's all folks,

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