Sunday, January 22, 2012

Smooth-ly does it

This morning we decided to go trail-running. We used a well-known track close to our house which winds it's way through wood and by river for a little over a mile. Sarah and Zoe managed one lap whilst Andrew and I did two. After returning to the house and showers Zoe made smoothies for each of us using her christmas present, a battery operated blender/mixer.
After a couple of mornings running in Edinburgh recently I can truly say how much I appreciate the freedom of a place where you do not have to run on roads. The ability to run for 40 minutes at lunchtime and spend none of that time mindlessly pounding along tarmac is very enjoyable. The other day I ran across a slippery, sloping field and noticed out of the corner of my eye a large 'lump on a fence post, several seconds later I was staring into the eye of the 'lump' (a buzzard) from about fifteen feet away. The bird barely flinched as I ran past!
Of course, the Merrel Trail Glove shoes I received at christmas have been the key to this new-found enthusiasm for trail-running in Applecross. I'm sure there are many more trails/routes to be discovered out there. These shoes have been a revelation; they are a part of the 'barefoot' running shoe style that seems to be gaining great popularity recently. No clumpy heel, no cushioning, wide toe box, little instep to talk of these shoes definitlry encourage one to run on the front part of the foot arch. This style of running has led to far less pain and agony than I felt running on roads using pronation control/cushioned shoes. Allowing my feet to work naturally has had one significant benefit - I no longer feel pain during or after a run. Fun, freedom and enjoyment are back on the menu, hooray :-)

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