Wednesday, March 13, 2013

New Shoe Day (NSD)

Got out for a run this morning...good to run while the sun is coming up on a clear day. Looked at a pair of shoes in Footworks yesterday and went outside to consult the Home Manager (Sarah), sat in the car and was accosted by an angry bumblebee on a petrol pony (a.k.a traffic warden), so had to move. Found another parking spot, tried to call home, but no answer and shop had shut. Anyway, got the go ahead this morning and this lunchtime went and did the deal. What a great shop - real dedication to minimalist gear!
Yay...a pair of Vivobarefoot Breezy Lites for road running and general wear. Whether they'll get a look in over my Xero's is another matter, but for road running in all weather's they are fantastic. Just took a quick run down to the climbing wall (Alien Rock) to meet up with Simon and they felt sooooo comfortable with all the feedback of the Vivo 3mm sole. 8-)

I'm already wondering what they'll feel like over 10+ miles, I'd try them in the morning, but I've a full day of office-based training followed by the 6+ hour drive home.

I might be a bit knackered if I go for another 5.00 am ten miler!

Home tomorrow :-D

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